Landscaper Tips On Selecting The Right Plants For Your Home’s Exterior

Selecting the right plants for your landscaping venture is essential to the process. A landscaper can provide you with all the kinds you may have an interest in. However, it is also advantageous for you to have a little information on what goes into plant selection during landscaping. Not every house can have the same kind of plants. Keep that in mind, because what you saw and liked at a friend’s garden may not work for your home.

  1. Always remember that the plants will eventually grow! You may like certain plant because it looks cute at the nursery stage, but that plant may grow into a huge tree. Make sure you have done a little research. Choosing the wrong plants may end up giving you problems with even their roots. Especially if you are working with a small garden to your disposal.
  2. Most plants will change color depending on the season. Some will even shed their leaves, which could end up being cumbersome to clean if you were not prepared. If you have a specific color theme in mind when choosing foliage for your garden, do your homework on whether those plants will remain the same color. This will ultimately make you avoid some surprise situations is the future.
  3. A landscaper will advise you on how prone a species is to disease. Disease resistant species are advisable because this will save you costs for insecticides and other plant pharmaceuticals. They may end up being more expensive, but in the end, they will save you money. Cheaper, disease-prone plants will keep dying off, and that will translate to you constantly replacing them.
  4. Instead of investing in a ton of exotic plants, consider buying ones that are native to your area. This is for the simple reason that the native plants are already adapted to whichever climatic zone you are in. You may end up splurging on exotic plants just for them to die off in a few weeks because they are not adapted to that environment. This does not mean that you should never get exotic plants for your garden. A landscaper can give you a comprehensive guide on what exotic plants would be best suited for your garden. Start with a few, then track their progress. If they get integrated successfully into your garden, you have no reason to not buy more.
  5. It is better to buy the plants at nursery level if you want to save on money. Older plants are more expensive because they are already established, but if you know the exact plants you want, you can grow them from the nursling stage.

For more information, contact a business such as Rowlands Horticultural Services.

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How To Make Money From Bottle Recycling

Recycling is important for the environment – recycling reduces landfill, minimises the impact on dwindling natural resources and cuts down CO2 emissions.  In some countries you can actually be fined for not sorting your recyclables correctly, if you get caught by the ‘bin police’.

But did you know that every year thousands of dollars are thrown away with the recycling?  That’s because many people diligently sort out their empty cans, plastic and glass bottles and put them into the recycling bin without realising that they can actually make money on them! 

Here’s how you can make yourself a few dollars whilst doing your bit for the planet at the same time.

  • First of all, carry out a little detective work online to see what drinks containers you can redeem money on in your area.  Your local recycling and bottle depot should have details of what you can claim for on their website.  
  • Now take four collection boxes and label them up; one for plastic bottles, one for glass bottles, another for aluminium drinks cans and the last one for cardboard drink boxes.  Designate an area outside for them – this is now your recycling ‘piggy bank’.  
  • The next step is one you can get the whole family involved in.  Every time someone uses a drink container, ask them to look at the label to see if money can be redeemed by recycling it.  Wash it out thoroughly, remove the lid and add it to your new backyard piggy bank.  
  • Once the four boxes are full up, bag up the contents and head off to the nearest bottle and recycling depot where you can exchange your ‘rubbish’ for some pocket money.  You’ll be amazed just how quickly your environmentally-friendly savings add up.

There’s not just money to be made at home either.  When you’re out and about with your family enjoying the great outdoors, take a large rubbish bag and a pair of protective gloves with you.  As you enjoy your walk, encourage the kids to keep an eye out for discarded bottles and cans and collect any that you find.  Take them home and add them to your piggy bank.

Removing this rubbish not only means that you’re helping to protect the beauty of the natural world around you; but also that you’re also adding to the recycling effort and making money in the process. 

In conclusion

With a little bit of thought and effort, you can help the environment and make a bit of extra money too.

For more information, contact a company such as Magill Recycling & Salvage.

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Enjoy The Versatility Of Shade Sails As You Keep Cool Under The Shade

There are many ways to keep cool under the harsh rays of the sun, but none as cool and artistic as shade sails. Shade sails offer an easy and versatile way of way to keep cool under the hot sun while still complimenting your residential or commercial space. They are an excellent alternative to tents or permanent roofing in outdoor settings. Here’s why.

Cheaper than most alternatives

Shade sails are cheaper to have in your home or commercial premises. This is because they need very little structural support due to their light weight. This means you need to undertake very little structural changes to enjoy shade sails. Most alternatives such as gazebos or pergolas require you to build supporting beams and  roof corners at the very least.

With shade sails, all you need is a steel support beam on which you can attach several shade sails all around. On the far end, the sails will be held in place by steel rods. For wide surfaces such as pools, two steel beams will suffice. When it comes to awnings, you won’t even need any support beams attached from the ground. Your shade sails can be attached straight from the roof.

Easy to install or uninstall

Due to their simple operation, shade sails are quite easy to install. Some shade sails are even sold as DIY installations. This is because you can install them in your home by yourself. All you need is to hook them at selected points in a taut manner and you’re done. Your package will have instructions on how you can install your shade sails using various clasps. The same applies with uninstalling. In fact, due to the ease of installing and uninstalling, you can use them as temporary shades.

Numerous applications

There are so many uses for shade sails. At home, they can be used for swimming pools, awnings, parking spaces, gardens and patios. In commercial applications, they can be used for outdoor restaurants, information kiosks and exhibitions. If you have an application that needs special measurements, you can order custom shades from your supplier.

Unique designs & arrangements

Shade sails come in different designs. This is the striking factor that sets shade sails apart from other covers at a glance. Their futuristic look improves the feel of any space. They are available in rectangular, square, triangle and other custom shapes on request. In addition, they can be installed in multiple dimensions to further accentuate these shapes. You can also order your shade sails in any combination of colors that will compliment your space.

Shade sails will save you money and time, while improving the aesthetics of your spaces. If you need help installing multiple units or creating various layouts, ask your supplier for a nearby installer. For more information, contact a company such as Shades of Blue Shade Sails.

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